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In Nigeria IUG is constructing a new children's home including electricity, water and sanitation

Strategic Focus Areas

     Water, Sanitation and Hygiene - WASH

Projects for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) ensure access to clean water and appropriate sanitation conditions for the World’s poorest people.

  Food Security

For any poor nation and individual households it is important to have a reliable supply, and safe storage, of food. Both food for today's needs -  but also minimum amounts of food and seeds to cope with the winter/dry season and be able to plant a crop next season.


In relation to the Sustainable Development Goals set by UN, EWB-DK's activities concerning the environment contribute unique and sustainable solutions that tackle global environmental problems. 


  Disaster Relief & Preparedness

Disaster Relief and Preparedness provides help before, during and after (long term) natural disasters - to ensure "life after survival"

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Did you know...

the infant mortality rate in Sierra Leone is 82 of 1000 live births? That is the second highest in the world