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EWB-DK is a technical-humanitarian organization of volunteer members with a large range of technical skills and backgrounds. We collaborate with local and international NGO's to improve the living conditions for distressed and vulnerable people in poor countries. We build schools and health clinics, provide clean water and better sanitation, improve roads and bridges as well as establish solar power plants and waste treatment plants. We ensure local anchorage and lasting solutions and our efforts are founded in UN's Sustainable Development Goals.



Support local production of facemasks

In the poorest communities around the world it is close to impossible to uphold social distancing and strict hygiene nessecary to stop COVID-19.

People in densely populated areas live close and share water supplies and sanisation. They also need to secure an income and food on a daily basis. Isolation means starvation.

Face-masks can play an important role in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

We aim to have 100.000 face-masks locally produced and distributed in Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau to the poorest and most vunerable people.

Along wiht the face-masks we distribute soap and food-packages along with advice on how to stop the disease from spreading.

You can donate from anywhere in the world

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One mask costs one USD to produce and distribute and also give a important income to the local tailors, The masks can be washed and reused.


10 USD = protection for ten individuals

20 USD = protection for 20 individuals

50 USD = protections for 50 individuals


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