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EWB-DK has established solar powered mobile charging stations in five small villages in Sierra Leone

Sustainable Energy

EWB-DK's projects referred to sustainable energy contributes to solutions that ensure stable power supply to small communities and contribute to local community development. Worldwide one in five people do not have access to electricity. Lack of electricity result in particular that crops are wasted due to lack of cooling and storage facilities, that women have to give birth in the dark, that medicinalt equipment is not sterilized and stored as necessary and hamper the development of the societies.

EWB-DK’s competencies and activity areas with Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy contributes to solutions that include ensuring access to information and communication for poor populations, stable power supply to local health clinics, the livelihoods of small communities through less user payment solutions from solar powered mobile charging stations as well as using solar energy for cooling - and storage for food security.

Partners and Practice

EWB-DK works with professional partners, regional and local authorities, local communities and populations, and other NGOs. EWB-DK supports professional partners with technical assessment, capacity building, technical design, and education, as well as regular coordination, reporting and follow up visits.

EWB-DK supports the local partner with technical expertise where local knowledge is not sufficient and where the local partner can further develop their food production facilities, organisational capacity and secure an income for their communities.

Contact EWB-DK’s project manager Bent Michael Nielsen if you wish to become a part of the thematic network for Sustainable Energy.


Tool for assessing investments in community energy systems


This tool is prepared jointly by SEND Sierra Leone and Engineers Without Borders Denmark with the purpose to engage communities in decisions on a large investment in providing electricity to the benefit of all community members, both female and male. The tool addresses issues related to electricity use both within households and for productive use of energy in businesses.




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Did you know...

in Kétao, Togo, there are no toilets? Therefore EWB-DK is working to improve the sanitary conditions