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Internship program

The internship program of EWB-DK is established with different objectives, but our main focus is to globally support and develop technical knowledge and capacity.

By sending students and young professionals into the field, we seek to develop our local partner's knowledge and know-how as well as expand Danish technical students and young professionals knowledge by working in a global context, and thereby from a practical approach support an increased international focus on Danish technical capacity.  

We continuously advertise internship positions to assist our projects.

See our available internship positions here


"During my internship, I was based in Kenema in Sierra Leone. I worked with some great teams - both in Denmark and in Sierra Leone, and it went very well. Based on the first three months, I was eager to learn more, and I ended up extending my stay to five months which I was very pleased with.  "

Daniela Dasic, studying architectural engineering at DTU


Objectives for the program

  • Capacity building of partners' technical capabilities and skills by providing latest technical knowledge available
  • Building an international experience of technical students and newly graduates including.
  • Support and expand the focus and understanding of the Danish students and newly graduates in relation to sustainable development and poverty issues
  • Support the local partner and the project implementation. 
  • Support and expand EWB-DK's relevance to member base and partners by offering the opportunity for practical experience from EWB-DK's projects.


Locations for the internship period can be both at the head office in Copenhagen and at EWB-DK's partners operating projects around the world. Sometimes a location also consist of a combination of work carried out in Denmark and abroad.


”During our internship, we got the task  jointly with the local partner to design a data collection method to conduct participatory climate risk assessments in ten rural communities. The internship included six weeks of a field study where we tested and finalized the method before collecting data in the involved communities.”

Anna Hammelboe Kraglund, Environmental Planning student, Roskilde University, and Rikke Kristiansen Sustainable Cities student, Aalborg University.

Requirements to the intern 

  • The intern must be a resident in Denmark or a student at a Danish university.
  • The intern must be a member of EWB-DK before the internship begins. 
  • The intern shall, if requested by EWB-DK, take specific courses (safety in the field and first aid etc.).
  • If there are national / international standards defined in relation to the technical task to be solved, it is expected that the intern is familiar to the standards and relate to them in the work.
  • The intern must have successfully completed a bachelor's degree or similar.
    In some cases, students who have not yet completed their undergraduate degree are accepted if the applicant instead holds experience / skills that otherwise compensate for this.


For further information, contact EWB-DK's secretariat at / tel. 70 27 40 06



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