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CHS tools

For Engineers Without Borders, it's important to do things the right way. Therefore, we work actively with Core Humanitarian Standards and have prepared various sessions within commitments 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, which will equip organizations in the North and South to integrate and use the obligations.



Materials for the various sessions: 

Accountability session 1: commitment 2

Accountability session 2: commitment 3

Additional information and participatory tools

How to participate Social Mapping Technology and Urbanization Typology of participation

Accountability session 3: commitment 4

The Powerwalk

Accountability session 4: commitment 5

Accountability session 5: commitment 6

Simulation exercise   Answer sheet   Decision Cards Risk and Bonus Cards Facilitator stages with cost and quality points


Guide to facilitating the individual sessions


CHS board game

Engineers Without Borders has developed a learning game around Core Humanitarian Standards. The game is relevant to NGOs, organizations and individuals who want to become better at governing humanitarian needs, crises and dilemmas with transparency and accountability in line with the core humanitarian standards.

It is relevant to play the game with partners in the South. Read more about IUG's experiences playing the game with partners in Sierra Leone and Zambia.


Briefly about the game:

The players take turns to be confronted with scenarios within humanitarian development (long-term development or crisis situations), which must be handled. The other players must then imagine how the person will handle the scenario. Players are rewarded if they are familiar with the organization's code of conduct and staffing policies on engagement security, but there is often no definitive answer and are a good opportunity to discuss the issues that may arise when working on development work.


Engineers Without Borders is happy to come out and facilitate the game, which can also be downloaded here on the site.


Download the rules of the game here

Download the questions here

Download the game board here

"The CHS project highlighted the importance of a core dimension of all our projects: accountability. The course allowed an open conversation across members, aligning the expectations of our roles and the impact of our actions in multiple scenarios. After the completion of the course, I am confident that all participants are engaged with EWB for the right reasons, and that reinsures me that I should continue to contribute to the organization." - Inês Breda

Introduction to the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS)

Learn more about the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS)

See video here

Did you know...

the average life expectancy in Sierra Leone is approx. 50 years - one of the lowest in the world