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Having a strong and visible social commitment can help to attract and retain talent in your organisation. Being a corporate member of Engineers Without Borders - Denmark will strengthen the narrative of your Corporate Social Responsibility activities – such as providing access to clean water and to electricity generated by solar panels, providing solutions that prevent environmental issues, and more.


At Engineers Without Borders - Denmark, it is our mission to nurture and develop technical and professional skills and knowledge in developing countries so that local people are able to play an important part in building and developing their own communities. As a Corporate Member of EWB-DK, your company can be a part of the fight against poverty and for the building of a better future for people who have been hardest hit by poverty and catastrophe.

Your colleague is an EWB-DK

Our company members' involvement in EWB-DK is often motivated by a desire to explore how their employees, core areas and knowledge can be used directly in our projects. By contributing the latest technical knowledge, the company can help strengthen IUG's technical and humanitarian activities and benefit the world's poorest.


Employees from SDU, Rønslev and DIS tell here what inspires them (in Danish).

Southern University of Denmark (SDU)


Danish Engineering Service (DIS)

Create value for your company and for your employees

Your company can become a member by supporting Engineers Without Borders with an annual donation. With this membership, your company gains access to a network of dedicated and experienced professionals in all engineering domains and across a range of industries, and who are driven to use their knowledge to make a difference. Together, we can contribute Denmark’s know-how to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A corporate membership is non-binding in that it does not require any technical or other engagement. Engineers without Borders offer the following options for corporate memberships:


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If you have questions about corporate membership with EWB-DK, contact the secretariat on Tel: +45 70 27 40 06 or



Our corporate members:

  Syddansk Universitet   Rønslev Rådgivende ingeniører





Examples of business collaborations



Rambøll provides clean water in Sierra Leone

Rambøll has worked together with EWB-DK towards achieving SDGs for many years. Among other projects, they have provided clean water in Sierra Leone.

BDO and EWB-DK in collaboration on water project

In the village of Galehun in Sierra Leone, BDO has worked together with EWB-DK to ensure that the residents can now replace the dirty water from a mud hole with clean water from a new pump.




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Did you know...

 by being a volunteer in EWB-DK you work for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to give people in developing countries a better life