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EWB-DK has established water and sanitation in small communities in Africa

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene- WASH

Water and sanitation are at the very core of sustainable development, critical to the survival of people and the planet. Water resources are sources for food production, energy and the core of health. Management and distribution of water resources are essential for economic development, poverty reduction and gender equality. Today it is about much more than building wells: How do we look after our water resources, how do we ensure equitable distribution and management of water resources locally and globally, and how do we sustainably balance the different purposes in both environmental, social and economic terms, and how can we involve local's knowledge in the development of technologies and water infrastructure etc.

Water is essential for humanity. In 2010, the UN General Assembly stated the right to water and sanitation as a human right, and acknowledged that clean drinking water and sanitation is essential for the realization of all human rights. 

Disease control is a central and important theme in EWB-DK’s projects on water and sanitation. EWB-DK therefore not only ensures access to clean water but combines it with education in hygiene for local communities and establish local health committees which maintains information about the importance of good hygiene to locals. Through the establishment of water wells and latrines as well as education in the maintenance of these systems and good hygiene practices, EWB-DK’s projects achieve a strong positive influence on general health and the living standards in small local communities.

EWB-DK’s competencies and activities within WASH

  • Hydrology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Water Quality
  • Water Treatment
  • Drilling – Bore holes
  • Hand dug wells
  • Pumps
  • Storage tanks
  • Distribution systems
  • Gravity fed systems
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Maintenance
  • Sanitation facilities
  • CLTS training (Community Led Total Sanitation)
  • Awareness Campaigning
  • Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Hygiene education

Partners and Practice

EWB-DK works with professional partners, regional and local authorities, local communities and populations, and other NGOs. EWB-DK supports professional partners with technical assessment, capacity building, technical design, and education, as well as regular coordination, reporting and follow up visits.

EWB-DK supports the local partner with technical expertise where local knowledge is not sufficient and where the local partner can further develop their facilities, organisational capacity and secure an income for their communities.

Contact project manager Arne Palsbirk, if you wish to become a part of the thematic network for Water and Sanitation and Hygiene.


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Did you know...

 Cholera causes more than 100,000 deaths each year? - A disease often caused by contaminated drinking water