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Building and Construction


EWB-DK’s competencies and activity areas with building and construction

Over the years, IUG has built up major competencies in the erection and renovation of health clinics, schools, SOS Children's Villages and the construction of semi-permanent beam houses. With this thematic network, competencies are gathered in one place. If a project for example involves solar cells, the network will collaborate with IUG's network on sustainable energy.


Partners and Practice

EWB-DK works with professional partners, regional and local authorities, local communities and populations, and other NGOs. EWB-DK supports professional partners with technical assessment, capacity building, technical design, and education, as well as regular coordination, reporting and follow up visits.

EWB-DK supports the local partner with technical expertise where local knowledge is not sufficient and where the local partner can further develop their food production facilities, organizational capacity and secure an income for their communities.


Coordinator for the thematic network Building and Construction: Carsten Koch

Contact IUG's secretariat: if you wish to become a part of IUG's thematic network on building and construction.


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In the village of Baoma in southern Sierra Leone, EWB-DK together with the local partner SEND-SL and the village have built a health center to ensure better health conditions for pregnant women, mothers and children.


Did you know...

EWB-DK has helped 5,000 people in Sierra Leone so they now have access to clean drinking water