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Engineers Without Borders - Denmark helps the world’s poorest improve their living conditions. Our efforts are always locally implemented and are designed to be sustainable solutions.

To be a part of EWB-DK, you must be a member. All kinds of members are valuable to us. We do not require that you volunteer. It is up to you if you wish to engage in IUG’s efforts. Read more about the opportunities as a volunteer in EWB-DK.



  400 DKK/ year


  200 DKK / year


 700 DKK / year


* As a supporting member, you are including a donation with your standard membership fee and will be eligible for a tax deduction of 300 DKK per year. Add your CPR-no. to get a tax deduction on the donated amount.


Did you know...

 Cholera causes more than 100,000 deaths each year? - A disease often caused by contaminated drinking water