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In June 2018, EWB-DK installed PV systems on 4 health clinics in Sierra Leone

About EWB-DK

Engineers Without Borders Denmark, EWB-DK, is a technical humanitarian organization that, through the vision “Building a better tomorrow” seeks to reestablish life-preserving measures for people in need. We provide water and housing for people fleeing from war. We provide water and electricity, so that doctors and nurses can save victims in emergency areas. We make it possible to live on after a disaster.

We are also there when the disaster has ended, and more sustainable solutions are needed. Our work covers a wide field: We build schools and health clinics, and repair roads and bridges. We provide clean water and improved sanitary conditions, so that fewer children will fall ill or die from cholera or typhoid fever, bad toilet conditions and a lack of clean drinking water.

Engineers Without Borders Denmark was established in Denmark in 2001, and is a part of Engineers Without Borders International, so that we can muster a strong, international team, when we are needed. We also work together with a series of other organizations, both Danish, international and local.

Our partners include the Danish Refugee Council, Red Cross in Denmark, DanChurchAid, the Danish Emergency Management Agency, Danish People’s Aid, Seniors Without Borders and the UN refugee organization, UNHCR. In our development projects, we work closely together with local organizations, so that we ensure local anchoring. We are a non-profit organization and are financed solely by membership fees and the contributions that we receive from public and private donors. Today, EWB-DK has more than 1200 members, of which about 250 are students.

The daily management

EWB-DK is led by a member elected board of eight members and a Chairman. EWB-DK has a secretariat in Copenhagen which assists the more than 200 active members with for example project description and -development, communication and fundraising.

The Board consists of:

  • Bent Michael Nielsen, Chairman 
  • Merete Them Kjølholm, Vice Chairwoman
  • Per Jacobsen, Vice Chairman 
  • Louise Isafold, Treasurer
  • Anders Hegelskov
  • Anette Petersen
  • Lars Kierulff Munk
  • Nanna Lee Thusgaard
  • Palle Beck Thomsen

1. alternate: Jan Østrup
2. alternate: Maren Egedorf

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You can also see all EWB-DK's policies or earlier versions of annual reports, financial statement and minutes at Downloads.

Some of the documents are in Danish. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us!

Did you know...

EWB-DK has helped 5,000 people in Sierra Leone so they now have access to clean drinking water