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Engineers Without Borders is happy to collaborate with students on study projects, but as we are a voluntary organisation, we have limited capacity and resources to advise and guide in student projects. In collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, we have prepared several job descriptions based on actual issues in Sierra Leone.

With the large volume of inquiries from students, we cannot make our local partner's time available, as all their time is spent carrying out relevant development projects that can benefit the most vulnerable people.

The job descriptions are for free use, but we expect you to inform us if you work with the material and send us the completed assignments, where selected assignments will be uploaded here on this page. Use the contact form below on the page for inquiries about study projects or write to


Mechanical engineering: Oil press solution


Technology & business: Garbage collection technology and business



Solar energy & business development


Mechanical engineering: Handling and drying of crops

For in-depth material and context descriptions, read more here


Study assignments submitted by students:



5. semester projekt, Experts in Teams, SDU

"Engineers without Borders and DIS: Frugal Innovation in Sierra Leone"


Bachelorproject in Product development and innovation, Faculty of Engineering, SDU:

"Multipurpose crops dying system for small growers using renewable energy"


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 Cholera causes more than 100,000 deaths each year? - A disease often caused by contaminated drinking water