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Volunteers play an important role at Engineers Without Borders - Denmark, contributing knowledge and relevant competences to our projects - in close collaboration with our advisors at the secretariat and partners in Denmark and the Global South.




As the core of EWB-DK is our volunteers, we always welcome new members. If you would like to be active and contribute to the organisation you are welcome to contact the secretariat to inquire about the possibilities





We will introduce you to IUG’s history, projects, and efforts. You will learn more about how you can be a volunteer, and you can reconcile your expectations with our platform.


We currently have no scheduled information sessions for new volunteers, but refer to our volunteer vacancies portal.

See where we need volunteers here




To be a part of EWB-DK, you must be a member. All kinds of members are valuable to us. We do not require that you volunteer. It is up to you if you wish to engage in IUG’s efforts.

Become a medlem here



If you wish to engage in EWB-DK, you can register your CV in the competencies database and look for knowledge about the projects in the projects database.

In this way, the project groups and other volunteers can easily find the right people when they need some special skills for a given project or a limited task.

Create your CV here



An IUG mail account is a must. With this, you can access our joint drives and communicate with other IUG members.

Send an email to and get your personal mail account.



Our volunteers are organized in thematic networks, and this is where the real work is done. In the thematic networks, our projects arise and develop based on idea generation and professional sparring between the technical professionals.

Pick the network that fits your interests and competencies. Join meetings, learn about projects under development and implementation, and contribute with your competencies wherever you want to join.

Contact the secretariat if you have questions or wish to become part of one of our thematic networks: 

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Sustainable Energy Waste Management  Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) Building and


We are regularly looking for volunteers for specific tasks that will contribute to the organisation's work.
You can find these positions here






If you want to be an active member of EWB-DK, you must join a tool training where you will learn about EWB-DK’s working processes and universe.



EWB-DK is for everyone interested in technical, humanitarian work, and the professional backgrounds range widely. Whether you are a student, out of a job, in a job, or retired is unimportant. The important thing is that you want to engage.

There are many ways to volunteer at EWB-DK:

Project related: Join a project – all EWB-DK’s project groups are open, but you must be curious to become a part of the group. You will join via the thematic network. 

Bring your competencies into play: If you are a part of a thematic network, you must share your knowledge and contribute with solutions.

Volunteer jobs

We are regularly looking for volunteers for specific tasks and projects that contribute to the organisation's work. 


See our available volunteer jobs here


If you have more questions about becoming a volunteer, contact the secretariat at


What will you gain?

  • You get the opportunity of making a difference for the world's poorest and people in need
  • You develop new knowledge and more skills
  • You will gain a social and academic network 
  • You will have a influence on the organization's work and development
  • You gain recognition - but are also challenged

What do we expect from you?

By being a volunteer with EWB-DK you make a difference for the world's poor. But to make the cooperation good and productive we set the following expectations:

  • You are loyal to the work of EWB-DK and to the other volunteers
  • You are willing to put energy and effort in the groups and departments where you engage
  • You are prepared to make an effort as a volunteer
  • You can devote some of your time - about 10 hours per month
  • You regularly participate in meetings
  • You know the purpose and values of EWB-DK 

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Did you know...

EWB-DK has helped 5,000 people in Sierra Leone so they now have access to clean drinking water