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About being a volunteer in EWB-DK 

The overall work of EWB-DK is pursued by our volunteers. It is our mission that as much as possible of our work is done by volunteers. The reason for this is that we want to make a difference in the world's poorest countries for as little cost as possible. We always like to have more volunteers because the more we are, the greater the difference we can jointly make in the world.


Become a volunteer

As the core of EWB-DK is our volunteers, we always welcome new members. If you would like to be active and contribute to the organization you are welcome to contact the secretariat to inquire about the possibilities.


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What will you gain?

  • You get the opportunity of making a difference for the world's poorest and people in need
  • You develop new knowledge and more skills
  • You will gain a social and academic network 
  • You will have a influence on the organization's work and development
  • You gain recognition - but are also challenged

What do we expect of you?

By being a volunteer with EWB-DK you make a difference for the world's poor. But to make the cooperation good and productive we set the following expectations:

  • You are loyal to the work of EWB-DK and to the other volunteers
  • You are willing to put energy and effort in the groups and departments where you engage
  • You are prepared to make an effort as a volunteer
  • You can devote some of your time - about 10 hours per month
  • You regularly participate in meetings
  • You know the purpose and values of EWB-DK 

Contact our local chapters

IUG West (Aarhus)
Benedicte Ravn


IUG South (Odense)
Carsten Koch
31 24 65 98

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Did you know...

EWB-DK has helped 5,000 people in Sierra Leone so they now have access to clean drinking water