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Information and Communication Technology

The thematical network on ICT aims to gather Engineers Without Borders Denmark's data collection and data processing activities. The network acts as a supplier of ICT solutions to the other thematical networks.

The work includes counseling, design, development, installation and operation of the electronic systems linked to the ICT solution and associated software, etc.
Examples of data collection through GIS apps (ViewWorld), monitoring of water supply systems, PV systems, refrigeration containers etc. and data processing and presentation of data from here.

IUG's competencies and areas of ICT

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Systems for on-site monitoring at the sites established by EWB-DK worldwide (eg. water supply systems based on the Freetown and Gandorhun pilot projects). Possible partners could be Grundfos, Kamstrup, IBM, etc. SDU wants to be an active partner.

Humanitarian Data Analysis

Processing and presentation of data from EWB-DK projects including GIS data as well as data from IoT devices installed at the sites established by EWB-DK on a worldwide basis. The analysis includes tools such as GIS applications, tools like R and Python, statistical and big data algorithms, etc. Possible collaborators could be MapAction, etc.

Partners and Practice

EWB-DK works with professional partners, regional and local authorities, local communities and populations, and other NGOs. EWB-DK supports professional partners with technical assessment, capacity building, technical design, and education, as well as regular coordination, reporting and follow up visits.

EWB-DK supports the local partner with technical expertise where local knowledge is not sufficient and where the local partner can further develop their facilities, organisational capacity and secure an income for their communities.

Contact the Secretariat:, if you want to become a part of EWB-DK thematical network on ICT.


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Daily management, project information and co-operation:

Peter Horne Zartsdahl, Secretary General
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the average life expectancy in Sierra Leone is approx. 50 years - one of the lowest in the world