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EWB-DK, Partner mission Ghana

Building a better future – Strategy and Focus Areas 2015-2020

EWB-DK from 2015-2020

Based on the strategy “Building a better future – Strategy and Focus Areas 2015-2020”, EWB-DK will proceed forwards towards to following goals.

  • EWB-DK has established a close and long-term relationship with a number of relevant partners, both internationally and locally (NGOs and Donors).
  • EWB-DKs projects have significant coherence and synergy across EWBs thematic focus areas, and are oriented around an organisational project program.
  • EWB has specialisation with specific core areas and specific technical solutions. We can offer technical solutions as well as transferable knowledge, which has been tested and deemed appropriate within the given local context where EWB works. These solutions and knowledge can help to give further value to a given context in an effort to improve life quality.
  • EWB-DK bases its work on a broad but solid disciplinary foundation, involving an increasing number of active volunteers with knowledge and experience within EWB’s focus areas.

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Engineers Without Borders Denmark 
Kalvebod Brygge 31
1560 Copenhagen V

Phone.: +45 70 27 40 06

Daily management, project information and co-operation:
Secretary General,
Dorte Lindegaard Madsen
+45 50 59 94 06

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