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EWB-DK in Gambia

Senior Program: The strength lies in the knowledge and experience

The mission of EWB-DK is, among other things: Build knowledge and skills of our resource base to work in a global development context - our our approach to this matter is sharing of knowledge and experience between generations.

The formulation of EWB-DK's Senior Program is a culmination of a longer process in which, among other things the development of EWB-DK's strategy in 2014 and the launch of the Internship program in 2015 gathers and consolidates EWB-DK's focus on knowledge sharing with a humanitarian focus, combined with knowledge sharing between generations. EWB-DK's Senior Program aims specifically to bring EWB-DK's senior members' experience with technical projects in relation to EWB-DK's humanitarian work.

EWB-DK's Senior Program will complement its implementation EWB-DK's Internship program where students and young professionals, as part of their professional development in EWB-DK are assigned a senior mentor. The mentor both in assists the interns' preparations for the internship, but is also responsible for the introduction and sharing of knowledge in the field. EWB-DK also sees the Senior program as an important element in ensuring knowledge-sharing between North and South, and specifically to build skills in the South through EWB-DK's seniors many years of professional experience. The Senior program is in its formulation an important tool in the implementation of EWB-DK's work and mission. 



" I want to share 40 years of experience from participation in development activities in the 3rd world in order to ensure that knowledge is not lost, but utilized by next generation"- Kurt Klitten, Civil Engineer; retired Adjunct Senior Researcher at GEUS 




Are you interested in EWB-DK's  Senior Program or do you want to know more, please contact coordinator for the Senior Program, Svend Aage at:   

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Did you know...

at Marmo Primary School in Tanzania children every day use two hours to get water? Therefore EWB-DK has built a tank for collecting rainwater and are now linking the school to the public water supply