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Local Chapters

The local chapters of EWB-DK do humanitarian work in collaboration with the other task groups in EWB-DK. The goal is to bring together committed technicians and engineers locally, where they can contribute with engineering competences and develop the professional competences by identifying and solving humanitarian problems of a technical nature.

The local chapters are concentrated around the educational institutions in the largest Danish cities, and consist of both students, teachers and graduated technicians and engineers.

As an active member of one of the local chapters of EWB-DK, you can take part in building collaborations between students, companies and relief organizations, and participate in courses and projects. Furthermore, we always need a set of extra hands, e.g. when we arrange events, lectures and fundraising.

EWB-DK regularly holds information meetings, events with reports from project people's experiences from the field and participates in educational fairs around the country.

If you want to hear more about IUG's activities in Aarhus and Odense, write to Carsten Koch:


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EWB-DK West/ South 
Carsten Koch
31 24 65 98

Did you know...

Approx. 87 % of the population in Sierra Leone does not have access to the national electricity grid? EWB-DK establishes solar cell systems in rural communities