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Knowledge Sharing EUAID

Knowledge Sharing on the EUAid certification process

The journey of strengthening capacity of organisations in north and south inspired by core humanitarian Standards and with a view to accomplish compliance with EU Aid Volunteer Initiative certification criteria encompass various aspects of an organisations life.

Both partners sending volunteers “Sending Organisations” and partners hosting volunteers “hosting organisations” are to comply with EU Aid certification criteria - and mutually agree on procedures and roles and responsibilities considering volunteers.

The process for certification begin with revisiting policies and procedures of your organisation against the requirements of EU Aid Volunteers Initiative.  We recommend an initial self-assessment to inform a process within your organisation oriented toward strengthening organisational capacity with regard to quality, security and safety - from identifying needs within communities to capacity needs of your organisation and partners to be addressed before living up to EU Aid Certification Criteria, which are accordance with the Core Humanitarian Standard. 

Concluding the capacity development process encompassing developing and implementing in your organisation: policies, principles and procedures for those aspects your organisation did not have in place initially you are to conduct a final self-assessment. For this purpose applying the EU Aid Volunteer Initiative eform for Sending or Hosting organisations - covering aspects related to Duty of Care (Security & Safety), Principles and Partnerships and Volunteer Management. The eform request you to briefly describe processes and policies of your organisation and explain how or to which extend the organisation adhere to the criteria for certification set by EU Aid. The requirements regarding documentation varies a bit for Sending and Hosting organisations respectively.

Accompanying completed e form organisations are to submit following:

  • Declaration of Honour signed by a legal representative of organisation
  • An overview of experience in the field of Humanitarian & Development Assistance: Proof of experience in the field.
  • Hosting organisations are to seek three references, who are to validate that organisation in adhere to the criteria, by completing and signing the Reference form. from at least two different categories of EU Aid,
  • Sending organisations are to complete a security self-assessment form / which indicate documentation on how the organisation comply with the criteria considering safety and security aspects of volunteer deployment.

Please find below link for EUAid Volunteer Initiative eforms, annex and guides: