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EU Aid Volunteers Initiative

In brief, the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative (EUAVI) aims to strengthen the capacity and resilience of vulnerable communities and countries outside the EU, through joint projects between experienced humanitarian associations and local organisations in third countries and through the deployment of trained volunteers.

The initiative facilitates organisations such as Engineers without Borders, a technical humanitarian organisation, in sending volunteers with a diversity of skills and professional experience, to partners to be involved in building a better future through humanitarian aid projects.

Engineers Without Borders Humanitarian Capacity Building project

EWB-DK is leading a multi-partner capacity development project in a consortium together with several partners from both Nordic and developing countries. The prospect is to expand future deployment of volunteers in developing countries with EWB-DK partners. The objective of the project is to develop capacity within the Nordic partners and their partners in Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Nepal to form part of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative.

The project focuses on building organizational capacity and capacity in the field of linking Relief, Rehabilitation & Development and Disaster Risk Reduction through building resilience. Method: transfer of knowledge & building local capacity via technically skilled volunteers and cross learning.


Voices from Volunteers

Engineers Without Borders Denmark

Partners (Consortia Members)

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For further information about EWB-DK's EU Aid project, please contact: 

EU Project coordinator
Mette Bloch Hansen

Did you know...

EWB-DK has worked for establishing access to clean drinking water after the severe flood and mudslide in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone in august 2017