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Deployment Policies/Tools


Volunteers being a cornerstone in the humanitarian and development work of our organisations, enhancing quality, security & safety related to the deployment of volunteers is of high importance.

The journey of strengthening capacity of organisations in north and south inspired by core humanitarian Standards and with a view to accomplish compliance with EU Aid Volunteer Initiative certification criteria encompass various aspects of an organisations life. The overall frame being its vision, mission and strategy providing direction and the partnership, policies and principles on which its work is based and code of conduct for those who take part being volunteers, staff or other affiliates. Furthermore, specific policies and procedures related to the safety, security including both precautions to be taken based on assessment of risks and procedures to be followed to reduce health, and safety risks as well as how to manage crises and handle incidents. Finally, all aspects of managing and guiding people, volunteers to enable them to contribute their knowledge experience and expertise.

Please find below as inspiration for strengthening your organisation, links for various procedures, policies, and principles including guides, examples and templates - to be tailored to the specialities vision mission and strategy of your organisation and the specific context and areas in which you operate.