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The effects of climate change are obvious in Sierra Leone's capital Freetown

Invitation to Master Class on Climate Change and Poverty

We are proud to forward the offer to participate in a Master Class on the interaction between climate change and poverty to our members. During the course of six modules from January to August 2020, we will present tailor-made modules and themes that are relevant to our four organizations.

The master class is jointly developed by EWB-DK, Architects Without Borders, Emergency Architecture & Human Rights (EAHR) and DIB. Based on our shared focus on creating development by engineering, construction and architecture, the six modules will be tailor-made and relevant to increase our capacity as technical humanitarian development organizations.

We have been motivated by the fact that many of the communities we work with need to be supported in their transition and adaption to the effects of climate changes. The master class is therefore designed to improve our ability to create relevant projects with partners abroad and to search for approaches that generate increased impact in our work with climate impacts and poverty reduction.

The master class will take its point of departure in actual project cases from our four organizations. During the modules different dimension of the local problems we face with partners will be analyzed and solutions and approached will be discussed.

Outline of modules

Introduction module – January 11th: International framework working with climate change and poverty and introduction of the cases to be analyzed during the master class’ five modules.

Module 1 – February 22nd: Creating Change - Cross culture cooperation, indigenous knowledge and climate adaptation.

Module 2 – March 28th: Participatory methods in project development and implementation.

Module 3 – May 2nd: Resilience and risk reduction – in urban and rural settings.

Module 4 – June 20th: Climate friendly /green solutions in the built environment: How to prevent people to become part of the problem coming out of poverty.

Module 5 – August 29th: Partnerships, advocacy and (innovative) funding: community and cooperative approaches.

See outline of modules and lectures for further information

Deposit upon registration is 500 DKK. The amount will be returned if at least 4 modules has been attended - the interest for the master class is so large that we feel obliged to have a deposit to assure attendance. The payment of fee is to be made when the participants have received a confirmation on the enrollment in master class.

Requirements: Participants must be members of one of the four organizations and committed to apply the acquired knowledge in their respective organizations.

Deadline for signing up to the master class is December 15th 2019 via this link.

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Phone.: +45 70 27 40 06

Daily management, project information and co-operation:
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Did you know...

at Marmo Primary School in Tanzania children every day use two hours to get water? Therefore EWB-DK has built a tank for collecting rainwater and are now linking the school to the public water supply