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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a term for systems used to collect, process and display geographic data. GIS is used in EWB-DK to support evidence-based project development, and to visualize data for reporting of ongoing and completed projects. Its aims are to support ongoing and future projects in EWB-DK while forming the group's own projects with a focus on local capacity building in the project country by disseminating knowledge and skills for GIS. This will initially be attempted by creating courses that can be transferred and implemented within EWB-DK and externally to educational institutions in the EWB-DK project countries.

GIS is working overall with the following objectives:

  • Strengthens the foundation for decision making in the current and future projects within EWB-DK
  • Strengths communication with external partners using maps and Geodata
  • Disseminating knowledge and transferring skills to GIS and spatial data in developing countries
  • Strengths map and data base in the project areas
  • Spread awareness of EWB-DK with other relief and development organizations by offering assistance.


GIS has held two 'Mapathons', where about 30 students have mapped roads and villages in Liberia, and a theme meeting where employees from NIRAS, Informi GIS and DHI GRAS came and talked about their work with software and hardware for data collection in relation to humanitarian and development work.

The GIS group has supported an EWB-DK intern in Sierra Leone with methods of data collection. The work is focusing on development of  a server and database solution for the collected data. 

Coordinator for the fagtematiske network GIS: Per Ulrik Svenson

Contact the Secretariat:, if you want to become a part of EWB-Dk thematic network on GIS.

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