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Experienced project "Nestor":

We are continuing a successful cooperation with the University of Bolivia, to upgrade their knowledge of the pollution of their local environment, and we already have a project ready to launch of phase II. The group is academically solid, but lack an experienced "Nestor" to help set the shape and structure of phase II. in the project.

We plan to continue the work with training of students and teach forces at the University, partly by sending donated laboratory equipment to the University, but also through training and courses to train them in the use of equipment and maintenance. We have after phase I. seen a tremendous usefulness of the learning and the equipment that was given to the University, and we wish to build on this experience. 

The project will be part of a larger context in the community since EWB-Dk is also about to launch an environmental project where the villages in the municipality actively are involved in the elucidation of their environmental problems and the involvement of citizens in shaping solutions. The University and students have shown that it provides tremendous benefits to those actively involved in local environmental efforts in order to get the facts and concrete knowledge about environmental issues.

Would you like to become a Nestor of this project team of very dedicated EWB-DK members, please contact the Secretariat.

Do you wish clarification, please call the  Secretariat: 70 27 40 06


  • Lots of enthusiasm for volunteer work 
  • Experience from the University environment
  • Experience in working in an international environment
  • Experience with communication and  environment / chemistry / biochemistry
  • Spanish is NOT a must since the group has the power to lift this.

Contact us quickly at - we are waiting to get started

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