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Shelter construction, Haiti
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more than 8000 people have no access to electricity in the West Bank? EWB-DK works with the Palestinian sister organization of a solar and wind energy project

Disaster Relief

EWB-DK’s engagement in disaster relief seeks to contribute to the assistance of communities affected by natural disasters through technical knowledge and capacity building strategies. The Disaster Relief Group works by assisting larger emergency relief organisations and NGOs in all phases of the disaster relief effort through the provision of technical solutions.

The Disaster Relief Group seeks to provide assistance to areas in need of emergency relief with both short term and long-term perspectives. In the short term, EWB-DK works to facilitate the necessary activities required immediately after a disaster has occurred, and in the long term, works to assist affected communities in their stabilisation efforts through rebuilding and redevelopment.  

With a point of departure in Water and Sanitation, Shelter and Waste Management, EWB-DK seeks to secure the infrastructures necessary to sustain the most basic of human needs following a disaster. EWB-DK’s work further values the improving of community awareness and preparedness in areas vulnerable to disasters, for examples, those communities who are subject to the effects of climate change.   


EWB-DK’s long-term activities

  • Planning and managing community redevelopment
  • Waste Management including the recycling of building materials from demolished buildings.
  • Identification of relevant local partners
  • Project Leadership and monitoring of redevelopment activities
  • Training of local actors in redevelopment and maintenance
  • Training of local communities in disaster preparedness and management

EWB-DK’s short-term activities

  • Evaluation of damaged buildings and infrastructure
  • Disaster Waste Management
  • Temporary shelter construction
  • Access to Water and Sanitation

Partners and Practice

Where EWB-DKs Disaster Relief Group is engaged directly by larger NGOs and Emergency Relief Organisations, it is these groups together with the affected local communities who are seen as partners in the relief effort. EWB-DKs Disaster Relief Group contributes with free technical assistance through its volunteer’s technical competencies, reliability and cross-disciplinary experience. EWB-DK’s volunteers seek to provide solutions and knowledge that can improve and strengthen the life quality of those communities impacted by natural and man-made disasters.


Co-ordinator for the thematic network Disaster Relief: George Garbutt  

Contact EWB-DK’s secretariat: if you wish to become a part of the thematic network for Disaster Relief.